What is Shopify and how it works ? Ultimate Detail Guide 2020

Shopify is a platform to start an online e-commerce online store. If you are a beginner or nontechnical person, who does not know how to start an online website or online store than answer for your query is Shopify, so what is Shopify and how does it works, will explain all in detail.

This time building a website and live on the internet is not a tricky job and to make easier this job for the nontechnical person Shopify is the solution.

There are lot many platforms outside which will allow you to build a strong website for a few bucks and Shopify is best among them.

What is Shopify

Here in this guide, I will try to answer a few answers on different queries related to Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an application which allows you to start an online store it is available in both the mobile app and online website.

Shopify provides a variety of tools to customize your online store. If you are planning to start the dropshipping business then I must say start with Shopify.

Shopify in integration with Oberlo will create an awesome bundle to set up an online drop shipping store.

What is shopify

Shopify offers you free and paid apps to set up more user experience with an online store. Shopify accepts different payment types.

Shopify helps you to create discount coupons offers with an existing online shop, so you can grab more customers attention.

Shopify is available all around the world and easy to access on the internet. What you need is a basic knowledge of computer and internet connections.

We will learn all in detail step by step.

How Does Shopify Works?

The process of using Shopify is simple, what you need is a free sign up.

Shopify offers free 14 days trial for every new user sign up after that you can purchase one of the pricing plans.

Hence sign up your first 14-day free trial using email id and confirm your account by clicking verification email on your registered email account.

It will ask you to enter your business name and basic information complete that step and you will be landed on Shopify Dashboard.

Shopify Dashboard

Now Shopify allows you to create an online store by uploading the theme, which are free to available in Shopify theme store.

Chose one theme based on the shop and install on Shopify, you are done with the setup of the shop.

Shopify Theme

This time is to bring the products which you want to sell. If you want to start Dropshipping business using AliExpress then use Oberlo and setup all process as explained in the guide.

You can customize your shop based on the available feature of the installed theme. It is easy to change product name, image, description, tag for Seo purpose and to rank in search engine.

Now you would have to buy domain name and link that domain name with the online store and your online e-commerce store is up and live.

The user can place an order on store same as another e-commerce website and rest you can fulfill their orders.

What is the Pricing Plan for Shopify?

If you are a new user and sign up the first time then you will get 14 days free trial, which is good enough to set up an online store.

Once your trial period is over then you can opt for any of the below-listed plans.

Shopify Plans

Basic Shopify Plan– If you are beginner then go for Basic Plan it is good enough to start, which is cost around 29$/Month.

The basic required details for an online store is almost available in this package.

Shopify Plan– It will cost around 79$/Month, this is well suit for small established business who need much more features like integration with hardware and sort of others.

Advanced Shopify Plan –  The most expensive plan will cost around 299$/Month. Well, suit for big brand business.

Payment Gateway with Shopify

To have an online store the most crucial part is what payment gateway it supports.

While customer does checkout for any product, their prime concern is a secure payment gateway and options available to complete payment.

Do not worry, you can choose any of the options available under Payment Provider options on Shopify store.

If you want to set up a payment type for a Credit card then chose Shopify Payments or Third-party Provider options available.

Other than that it also offers to pay via PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay etc.

It has also the option for faster checkout for returning customers.

Shopify itself has its own payment gateways options, where Shopify Deal with 100+ other service providers.

Hence above all are what is Shopify offering as a payment transactions facility.

Shopify Currency at checkout

Shopify offers different currencies based on geolocation of their IP address. Price at checkout will automatically convert to their local currency.

If your store note supported by that local currency than it will show default currency set by you for your store and conversion of currency happen at the international rate.

But make sure currency conversion charges will be applicable based on service provider, check here for more detail.

But below are the most used currencies, default store supported.

  • Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Japanese yen (JPY)
  • New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  • Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  • Singapore dollar (SGD)
  • United States dollar (USD)

How placed Orders in Shopify fullfils?

While you log in to Shopify dashboard there are an option call Orders, all the placed order by the customer will be listed there.

What you have to do is simply fulfill them, yes if you are dropshipping then check our guide on how oberlo with Aliexpress fulfill Shopify orders.

If you are own seller than simply click to fulfill orders, and your order is fulfilled and you can notify to the customer back.

Create your shipping details and share with the customer for future status. Check here the whole process of orders how you can fulfill.

The general process is.

  • Customer place order on your website
  • You will get that order in Order History of your dashboard.
  • You will start creating order and once ship that order click to fulfill the order.
  • Share shipping detail with customer wither automated or manually.

How to handle Refund and cancellation orders?

It is obvious that, if you are running an online store than definitely there will be refund or return requests from customers and that is a very big headache.

It is all up to you who you want to deal with them. You are not a big company, you can make your own rules on refund policy.

To maintain a good customer relation, ask the customer to ship back that item to your store address and you can refund them.

Or if you already got a good margin with that product sends him new products and ask him to keep the first one.

As a customer option for refund will be available for that ordered package, click to that will send back the message to the shop owner.

Shop Owner has an option to refund back with or without shipping charges and refund will be credited back to the customer account from which it was deducted earlier.

Ideally, this refund process will take around 3-5 business days, learn more here in detail.

App Store with Shopify

To automate or better user experience, it is mandatory to have the support of different apps.

Shopify has more than 1000+ apps available to install. Few of them are free and few are paid.

Shopify App

Check App section on the dashboard, it will navigate to a new window which has all list of available apps you can search for your need.

Such as for email marketing MailChimp, to show the scarcity of products Hurrify Countdown timer, place new subscriber offer call spin a sale, tracking of products etc.

How to Seo Shopify Store?

This time to rank your post on an online search engine, Search engine optimization is the prime factor and Shopify will help you to customize your online store.

Hence every product added into Shopify store will be in the inventory section, where you can change product name, description, tag, and all other factors.

Product on Shopify

After the change in the product name, it will be displayed on the Shopify store as seen above.

So Inventory helps you to do right Seo based on keyword, You can place the right strategy to rank in the search engine using on-page and off-page Seo.

Generate Discount for sale Offer

Shopify offers the best customer experience by generating discount offers for each offer.

As a shop owner, you have an option under discount, which allows you to create discount code, based on price, new customer welcome offer etc.

Discount Shopify

Here Discount could be based on the percentage or you can limit based on product price.

The best part is you can create a discount coupon and add that to spin a sale which can help the customer to grab as a discount offer.

Spin a wheel

In such a way you can create customer attractions and make your online shop the more user-friendly.

Conclusion on what is Shopify?

Shopify is easy to customize and the first 14-day trial is good enough to learn and set up an online store.

It is very easy to handle the backend dashboard for the owner of the shop. It has 24/7 customer support and Shopify supports multiple payment options.

You can choose a basic plan to live your store and place some marketing strategy using social media like Facebook and other places and can convert good sales.

To learn more about online business join our Facebook Group. Keep Reading Keep sharing on social media.

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