Is It Worth To Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019? Here is Ultimate Answer For You

The current crypto industry has picked up some major spikes and many more people around the globe are excited about purchasing the Bitcoin and if you are in that list than definitely, you are asking yourself, is it worth to Buy Bitcoin Now? Is it good time to buy bitcoin now? etc.

To answer your queries this guide is to portrait every single aspect of Bitcoin, Its adoption, future growth possibility and most important investment risk analysis.

Bitcoin is the only true decentralized cryptocurrency introduced back in the year 2009 and it raised its initial price from 0.01$ to its all-time high of 20,000$.

Is it worth to buy Bitcoin Now

It seems like if you have been invested around 100$ at initial then that has become 0.2 Billion USD at its all-time high.

That was the year 2017 when Bitcoin got overnight popularity but now the situation is different which may push the price to another level, that is what we will discuss in this guide.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a blockchain technology  based true decentralized digital cryptocurrency, which was introduced back in the year 2009 by an anonymous person or group of people Satoshi Nakamoto.

The main idea behind the introduction of Bitcoin is to create a payment system which will eliminate the need of the central authority or third party to transact your asset.

It is a digital form of currency which has no real physical existence, if you want to touch this like fiat or paper currency, you won’t because it is a cryptography code exists in the digital wallet only.

So for advice, make sure if anyone wants you to sell Bitcoin as a physical currency in exchange for money, that is a scam for sure.

Supply of the Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins only and at present, around 17.7 million coins are in circulation supply.

The new generation of the Bitcoin is fixed per block which is till May 2020 will be 12.5 BTC per 10 minutes and after that, it will reduce by 6.25 BTC per block.

Which seems supply will reduce half after every four years and this might be the first answer to your question, Is it worth to Buy Bitcoin Now?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency which is not even controlled by any central authority like banks or government and will be easy to move from one place to another.

So is it safe to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, if you are technically well aware of its safety as it won’t need anyone to come to you to be stolen. Why?

If you are not holding your Bitcoin in the most secure Cryptocurrency wallet, it may be stolen. Bitcoin is the innovation of technology and adopted as a new form of currency.

Earlier we were having Gold, Copper now using Paper and plastic currency like USD, GBP or credit and debit cards, maybe the future lies with the digital form of currency.

To learn more in detail about how Bitcoin works, we have an ultimate guide to review every single aspect.

Bitcoin Potential and Advantages

Till date, the whole world is living upon a centralized form of currency which is monitored by a few centralized governing bodies of the countries.

Those central governing bodies are responsible for the printing or minting of new currencies in the market. Means they are the controller of inflation or decider of the price or value of that money.

The current monetary system made in such a way where there is a guarantee to lose the value of money in the coming future.

With one negative policy of the govern, bodies can disrupt the whole financial market and can create huge inflation in the market.

Like we have seen hyperinflation in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, where the value of money lost its purchasing power due to the increase in money supply and failed financial policies of the government.

To overcome these central bodies to print extra money and create hyperinflation Bitcoin is the ultimate solution.

Hence we have seen a huge spike of Bitcoin adoption by local people in Venezuela, which ensure that the purchasing power of their money will be secure enough then holding this to their local country currency.

Venezuela Bitcoin Adoption
                                                                            Image Credit CoinSwitch

First and foremost Bitcoin is not having any controller and its max circulation supply is already limited to 21 million coins only.

The governing policy in terms of technical code is made in such a way that no one can create or duplicate Bitcoin and not even increase the supply.

Before 2700 years when the first-time Gold was in use nobody knows that it could be that big as it is today.

Even the early adoption of the Gold was bit struggling and somewhere around 1933, I found the record from Wikipedia that holding of the Gold was illegal for individuals.

After that Gold was standardized and was open to exchanging for USD at a fixed price and that become the full source of a monetized commodity.

Now every country is holding their gold reserve which in current overall market values around 7.5 Trillion dollars.

Due to a lot of constraints with Gold and easy to use of Bitcoin few people are claiming Bitcoin as the new form of digital gold, reasons are explained below.

Easy to Transport

Gold is a physical asset which asks for additional security and advances transport facility to move from one place to another.

However, Bitcoin is a digital asset which can be a store or transfer somewhere in a few minutes with a single click it won’t ask for any physical transport medium to move from one place to other.

Easy to Storage

Storage of Gold will require a physical vault which must be very tight of security and under strong surveillance.

However, Bitcoin is simple and easy you can have a hardware wallet or any cold digital wallet storage where your asset will be the fully secure and interesting thing is it could be stored in a small device like a pen drive.

Digital Verification and Transparent

Gold is a physical asset where the proof of holding of the asset can be only verified by physically visiting that vault but that is not the case with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital transparent asset at any point if anyone wants to prove its holding can visit blockchain wallet and confirm on that in just a few seconds.

Every asset movement on the network will be signed by a private key so no one can steal your Bitcoin unless he has that private digital key or you can add additional security layers.

Smaller Environmental impact

We have seen the mining of the gold, it takes a larger disruption of nature where people destroying the landscape for the sake of finding Gold out of it.

However, Bitcoin is mined on the computer which will only consume electricity which is far less destructive as compare to Gold Mining.

Above advantages itself explains how powerful Bitcoin is and is it worth to buy Bitcoin now or later?

Let me tell you Safety or Risk involved in holding of Bitcoin for legal as well as technical perspective.

Is Bitcoin Worth to Buy or Hold?

There could be different perspective one is its price volatility and other is its legal challenges, so we would try to highlight both of them to uncover most of the key points.

First with Legal Challenges.

It is obvious that the central idea behind the invention of Bitcoin is to replace the current financial system which having central fiat currency.

These fiat currencies are also the power of central governing bodies and every institution like Bank and governments are assuring their holders for fixed purchase value guarantee.

But still, this is not fully decentralized and we are witnessed about the hyperinflation or financial crisis from time to time.

The holding of Bitcoin could be challenging at this moment as it has been not accepted as a legal tender by many countries and government are questioning about its legitimacy.

We have also heard a lot of news that most of the countries are working on making regulations around the acceptance of Bitcoin.

From a legal perspective, we have not heard anywhere that any country has confirmed holding of Bitcoin as illegal.

In a few countries like India, RBI instructed banking institutions do not support any cryptocurrency exchanges and a petition filed by a crypto enthusiast community for a hearing is in the supreme court

Which put us in the chaos that what would be the future, so my advice is if you are holding Bitcoin than keep a strong eye on your local country news which clears your doubt on that.

Coming to the Price volatility it is obviously a big risk to hold Bitcoin at this early stage as we have seen that Bitcoin surged from 0.01$ to 20,000$.

Then we had a sudden drop in the price back to 3000$ which was close to a 70% drop from its all-time high price.

Bitcoin CoinMarketCap
                                                               Image credit CoinMarketCap

The current price movement is around 8000-9000$ which seems that its getting recovered slowly and may touch new All-time high very soon.

Hence it is hard to predict the price but if so I would advise you not to invest all in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Mark cryptocurrency investment as part of the portfolio not as the whole portfolio because Bitcoin market runs on the emotion or decision of the country people.

Great positive news can spike the price overnight and the same could be the case with the price drop as in 2017 someone had bought bitcoin close to 20,000$ he is now in debt of close to 10,000$.

If you are quite optimistic and it got support from any of the countries then you are boom no one can stop the price spike of Bitcoin and it is worth to buy Bitcoin.

Future of Bitcoin: Is it Safe?

Out of the total 7 billion population currently 5.3 billion people are using active financial systems and rest 1.7 are not even having the reach of any financial bodies.

Bitcoin has the potential to reach up to those 1.7 billion people and have them a way to exchange their goods for some form of currency.

Bitcoin is currently in its early stage of adoption and there is currently 35 million active blockchain wallet all around the world stats taken from Statista.

Blockchain active users
                                                                                       Image Credit to Statista

It is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency which has no control of any authority and purely driven by the people on another end its supply is also limited which fulfill to have them standardized like Gold.

Still, we have a concern with its price volatility which is more at this moment as more sentiments running around the legitimacy of the Bitcoin.

At present more than 2000+ cryptocurrencies trading in the market but Bitcoin is the only true decentralized cryptocurrency.

Till Date, Fidelity, NASDAQ, Bakkt have announced to start trading or experimenting with Bitcoin.

These institutions are working on factors of how to handle its volatility and minimize the market risk of trading.

IBM using Stellar blockchain technology already launched its IBM Block wire which supporting worldwide banks.

IBM Block chain world wire
                                                                                Image credit to IBM

Ripple(XRP) is another Digital cryptocurrency which is been accepted by multiple financial institutions due to its low transaction fees and scalable network.

JP Morgan after watching the trend of Bitcoin has announced to launch its own cryptocurrency and Facebook has just now released its whitepaper on the creation of a Libra Facebook Cryptocurrency.

Which are all positive vibes for Cryptocurrency industries and ultimately going to boom the mother of all Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is ultimately a digital currency and worth buying currency, which is driven by the community all over the world but it has some risk associated which might question in its future worldwide adoption by the central authority.

What are the Risks Involved with Bitcoin?

Before Deciding is it worth to buy Bitcoin now or later it is ideal to identify potential risk associated with Bitcoin technology which may stop its future adoption.

Potential Hacking of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is secured by its mining network where people like you or me can contribute hash power of the computer to solve or clear the transaction of the network.

At present billions of computers all around the world running those mining nodes to get the free reward of the Bitcoin and help to secure the network.

But there is a potential risk of 51% attack, where if anyone alone is able to generate 51% of total hash power he may be able to hack the network easily.

In the virtual world, it is close to impossible but yes this is a potential risk which is creating concern for central governing bodies of its adoption.

Anonymous Transactions

Another part, Bitcoin every transaction will be anonymous in the transparent Blockchain network.

Where your identity will be defined by a pseudonymous code and no one can link that transaction with your real-world identity which may increase illegal activities.

Your transaction will be transparent in the network but no one except the owner of that transaction can confirm its actual ownership.

Price Volatility of Bitcoin

No one can guarantee, its fixed price as in below screenshot you can see in 7 days it moved its price 17% up and maybe in next 7 days -14%.

Bitcoin Coinswatch

Current market circulation supply is around 17.7 million coins which is almost 80% of the total supply.

Currently, the USA is holding 64% of the total gold reserve and its currency USD is used as a global currency for trade.

Adoption of Bitcoin can break that power and will slip power out from the federal governments.

Well, it is hard to achieve as the current total worth of Gold reserve is close to 7.5 Trillion USD however total cryptocurrency market is around 260 Billion USD.

Do your first do intelligence while investing in Bitcoin.

Security Concern

The holding of Bitcoin is also challenging as it is a digital asset which requires proper security, a small lope hole in its security breach can finish you all hardcore earning in a few seconds.

Scalability Issues

The other big issue is the scalability, as currently, Bitcoin is able to clear only 7 transactions per seconds, however another payment network like VISA, Master card are able to clear more than 2000 transactions and even more scalable.

Few proposals have been introduced to scale the Bitcoin transactions per seconds like Lightning Network, but that is still in the early phase and no one can confirm on its success.

High Transaction Fees

Every transaction on the Bitcoin network will be asked for transaction fees, Where fee will increase as the BTC price will increase which unfit Bitcoin for the Micropayments.

The solution of those Transaction fees has been introduced by another Blockchain network like EOS and Ripple etc.

Above are the few highlights risks associated with Bitcoin to be adopted as globally and let me finally highlight what are the possible use cases of Bitcoin Blockchain network.

Bitcoin Use Cases

Bitcoin core vision is to replace central fiat currency with decentralized cryptocurrencies and it is based on a Blockchain network.

If the real-world adoption of Bitcoin is going to happen then only use case would be to used as a decentralized cryptocurrency only.

No one can use Bitcoin Blockchain to build smart Contract upon it like Ethereum(ETH) or EOS. It could be possible that Bitcoin after listing with NASDAQ like exchanges can be traded as a valuable commodity.

If you really want to Buy Bitcoin then at present there are multiple exchanges which offer to buy Bitcoin but they may charge you a lot of money as transaction fees.

To avoid transaction and trading fees and to minimize the initial fiat to Bitcoin conversion fees I have written an ultimate guide to explain you step by step.

To learn how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash or fiat locally in your country or to convert Cryptocurrencies to fiat check this ultimate solution guide in detail.

My View on Is it worth to Buy Bitcoin Now?

Bitcoin now becomes an alternative for everyone who wants to get free from centralized currency and if our motive is to make money by investment.

Then it is a high volatile asset which price can be changed in any direction, many people had lost billions of dollar in it’s all-time high and many made more than that as profit.

Now the real adoption or support of Bitcoin is started and many big institutions have already announced their support for the Blockchain network.

I advise investing a few of your asset in Bitcoin and let see how the market will respond if you are comfortable enough you can decide yours but never put all your eggs in a single bucket.

I hope you like this complete analysis and got a good idea on Is it worth to buy Bitcoin now and it is a good idea or not? Let me know in the comment your opinion about Bitcoin.

Kirtish Vyas

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