Moon Litecoin :100% Free faucet to earn Litecoin and free Bitcoin maker

If you are wondering, what is Moon Litecoin or free litecoin faucet and how you can earn free litecoin then you are at right place.

Because moon litecoin can be your free bitcoin maker but how to use and what it is exactly, everything is explained in this article.

 I am sure many of you are aware of Bitcoin, the mother of cryptocurrency and how it generated, If not then do first visit an article which explained in detail about bitcoin and its process of generation.
After reading above article, now you are well aware of bitcoin because in this article we are going to discuss more in detail about cryptocurrency Litecoin, moon Litecoin and how ‘moon Litecoin‘ can be free bitcoin maker.

Moon Litecoin

Let me explain you each of these steps by step

What is Moon Litecoin

Moonlitecoin is a free faucet which helps you to mine Litecoin for free. It is integrated with Coinpot and all mined coin will be transferred to Coinpot from there you can withdraw when you reach threshold amount.

It is just the introduction of moon Litecoin, there are lot many things you need to learn for the free making of Litecoin.

As we all know to set up a mining device on self laptop or desktop is to put your own system in danger then why not grab free Litecoin, if this is possible in the real world.

Here this article is about learning of free platform call moonlitecoin and how it is legit and offering us free Litecoin.

Before all of that, we need to first understand what is Cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency

The 21st century is well known for transforming the face of the currencies.
People have started using virtual currencies to do daily transactions.

It is a form of currency which runs on the digital algorithm, it was started back in the year 2009 in the form of Bitcoin and once it got wide visibility, Currently 2000+ cryptocurrency traded in the active crypto market.

To Know more the list of Cryptocurrency check on CrytoMarket.
Generation of Cryptocurrencies is an automated process and in each block specified coins will be released to mine by the miner.
Who will be able to mine those will get free coins in Reward. So this is the process of generation for any cryptocurrencies.

What is Litecoin

Litecoin is the same as Bitcoin, peer to peer cryptocurrency network, created based on bitcoin with a bit improved key differences. It is a non-centralized currency which is not managed by any authority.
  1. Improve transaction speed.
  2. Litecoin process each block in 2.5 minutes instead of 10 minutes block of Bitcoin.
  3. It uses the script in its proof of work algorithm.

After Bitcoin and Ripple, Litecoin is the largest currency in the market by capitalization. Litecoin generation is decreased to half every four years the same as Bitcoin. The main advantage is with very few hashes you will be able to mine Litecoin.

This is just brief there is one detailed guide written on Litecoin read and learn what you are getting for free.
So now questions come to everyone that how to get Litecoin, is there is any way to make money for free or through another way?
Then stay with me in the next detail post will go through each of them step by step.

How to earn Litecoin

Most important question how to earn Litecoin and this is similar to bitcoin using below two processes.
  1. Mining of litecoin using miner
  2. Buying Litecoin from any of the trading platforms like Bittrex, Cryptopia etc.
There is one other way, which we call free earning of Litecoin using free faucets and one of that is moon Litecoin. Litecoin Faucet means a way to earn or claim free litecoin in a specific period of time.
But if you are interested in Litecoin mining than here is a detail guide for you.

Mining is not an easy process in the competitive market as Litecoin is among the most popular cryptocurrency so everyone is expecting to mine this.

But if you have money to invest then you can buy Miner and start with free money making the process.

To buy such mining devices will require money to invest so what if you have a place which will do mining for you?
Yes, so that is what you can find below in Moon Litecoin.

Moon Litecoin Faucet

Moon Litecoin faucet is a place where you can create your own account and do monitor same on a periodic basis, so you will get free Litecoin in it.

After a specific period of time, you have to claim that and that will be transferred to your any micro wallet like coinpot (Coinpot will be explained below).

The advantage of having moon litecoin faucet account is they allow us to claim as often as you can and you don’t need to wait like other faucets to claim for an hourly or daily basis.

The faucet will fill quite quickly, as you wait longer it will become slowly so the faster you claim the more you will gain.

You can prefer a smaller amount of 10 minutes to claim 2 or 3 times a day and visit once at the end of the day to claim the larger amount.

Moon Litecoin has its semi unit call litoshi in the below-shown window you can see how litecoin accumulated in the wallet and simply you have to claim them after 5-minute window and instantly that will be transferred to Coinpot wallet.

moon Litecoin Faucet

Note- After hitting the claim button a window for captcha verification will pop up just click and you are done.

MoonLitecoin is not only the place to make Free money there are many more but after long time efforts, you will get nothing in most of the wallet.

This Free faucet Moon Litecoin is truly tested and easy to use.

Steps to get Free Litecoin using Moon Litecoin.

  1. Click to MoonLitecoin URL
  2. Provide an Email Address for which you want to Sign Up.
  3. It will ask you to provide CoinPot Registered Email Address or Litecoin Address.
  4. Both of this you can get from CoinPot-Check this guide.
  5. Now you have an email address to Sign in.
  6. Enter your secret password
  7. Solve Captcha
  8. Hit Enter.

This simple and Easy Process.

While you successfully logged in to make more security of account go to setting and in privacy set 2FA verification.

Then at the end, it will ask you to provide Address on which you want to send your Claimed Litecoin.

So Chose the best CoinPot which is a micro wallet and best place to store your Litecoin as it won’t charge any transaction fees for conversion or withdrawal of coins.

The advantage of Moon Litecoin

It is always a big question for us what are other advantages to be a part of the moon Litecoin Community.

  • It offers a referral program through that you can double your earning amount.
  • It offers you instant claim at any point in time.
  • The amount will be credited to CoinPot instantly

This all about Moon Litecoin a free faucet to make money while you are sleeping overnight.

This is free to use and won’t charge a single penny for you to claim what they want is just visit and claim your earned coin.

So how moon litecoin is making money?

How Moon Litecoin Earn Money

Moon litecoin is a free faucet which does mining and provide each user free litecoin but the way moon litecoin earn money is through advertisement.
Yes, it holds spaces for advertisement and through that, it collects money and in exchange of that user visit their faucet and try to grab free litecoin or another cryptocurrency.
Sometimes by mistake user clicks on ads and Moonlitecoin earn money.

Another way is they offer advertising space if you want to promote your product. So you can check their website to get more ideas on what will be price and all.

So this is a legit way to make free money and they did this all for the community so never put your auto bots to claim that faucet.
In case you identified then you will be blocked to make further money.

Before ending this let me share you the problems which you might get while claiming litecoin.
Make sure your browser won’t blocking ads to display on the website if so then you won’t be able to claim your free coins.

This is what you earned through this faucet but where to collect it and how much this is secure and what else you can do with this let’s understand the same.

What is CoinPot

Coinpot is a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet, this is designed to collect the number of currencies earned from various faucets.

Moon litecoin is configured to send each claimed litecoin into coinpot free wallet.

It was initially made  to collect bitcoin,litecoin, dogecoin, etc.

In terms of withdrawal from coinpot, it has a different threshold and it won’t charge anything to withdrawal your amount. It has below advantages.

  1. 2FA secured login account
  2. Instant conversion between coins.
  3. No Transaction fee for withdrawal of coin

Dashboard, where you can see all list of coins


CoinPot is not limited to faucet Moon Litecoin it supports other faucets too such as Moon Dashcoin, Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin etc.

CoinPot also offers you to mine Litecoin for free and it has a lottery and multiplier facility to earn free money. Check here to learn all bout CoinPot.


How CoinPot can be your Bitcoin Maker

In coin pot, it has a facility to convert your earned coin into other currency for that you have to go to conversion and need to choose bitcoin, so your earned Litecoin will be converted into Bitcoin.

Select Convert To
Moon Litecoin faucet
Choose Bitcoin in Dropdown
Bitcoin Faucet

Such a way by earning Litecoin using moon litecoin and convert them into bitcoin using coinpot, you can earn bitcoin and it will be your free bitcoin maker.

CoinPot offers token for each claim you have made through Moon Litecoin and such token are easy to convert back to Litecoin or Bitcoin.

If you want to try your luck play lottery or multiplier game to earn more.

ReadCoinPot faucet,mining,wallet to make cryptocurrency.

Summary and my opinion

There are various faucets to earn free cryptocurency but the earning from them is very slow, but will absolutely free.

You can go to the freebitcoin faucet for free earning of bitcoin.

I hope you learn a lot from the above article and same as Moon litecoin there are free faucets like moon bitcoin and moon dogeco.

To start earning from “moon litecoin” you have to sign up using email Id and add your Litecoin coinpot address with moon litecoin account – click here, so all your earned free litecoin will be transferred to your coinpot wallet automatically.

Share your comment on moon litecoin and comment if you like such free faucet.

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What you think, How much money you can make through Moon Litecoin?

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