What Does Seo Stand for and Types of Seo- Ultimate Beginner Guide

If you are concern about page ranking than definitely looking for SEO or Types of Seo. As it is the major part of the Google search engine ranking factor.

This time every single person is building its own website or blog to expose its ideas and grab user attention but their primary goal is to stick on google first top 10 results.

Because the study says that almost 60% clicks of top 10 results will go to the first ranking page,36% click to the second page and rest 4% will be distributed among rest query search.

Types of Seo

If we will go through the web search results than around 70% of all traffic originating from search engines and rest 30% from various sources.

So how to rank your pages on search engines? the answer is through Seo.

To make your content outrank what you need is SEO, so let me explain to you each and everything about SEO.

First, learn about What is Seo or What does SEO mean?

What does Seo stand for

Seo stand for Search engine optimization, it is a process or techniques which every content writer or website own companies use to make their web pages search engine friendly and easy to access.

These techniques will help your page to get organic search in lot many competitive results.

Around 60% of the worldwide search traffic comes from Google. So every individual optimizes their content around ranking criteria and tries to acquire the first position.

Let say, if you have done a search for any specific query in Google for “What is best SEO techniques” than in result google will return results which are well optimized around this keyword.

Google result for SEO

If you will see for a search query in Google, found around 74,200,000 results and out of them only this 10 pages displayed at first position.

But why only these 10 pages?

The answer is, simply because they are well SEO friendly, these pages made google job easier to found them quickly.

I hope you got an overall Idea about Seo but still many more to learn. Before learning about types of SEO, do you know how Google works?

How Google Seo Works?

As I said earlier around 60% organic traffic comes from Google, it is a widely used search engine as compared to Bing,Yahoo etc.

So if you enquire any search term in Google than google check around 200 parameters to find the best quality content for their user.

No one knows what are those, but all are confined somewhere in Seo.

Google has a crawler which usually goes to every single webpage and indexes them based on their content quality, relevance, and other parameters.

To find high-quality content is not an easier job, because out of millions of results there are lot many pages which are of good quality but which one outranks top of other is a quite tricky job for Google.

So Google has set some parameters to get one page more rank than other and two out of them are explained below.

Domain and Page Authority

Domain and Page authority stands for DA and PA. This is a number allocated to every site in between 1-100, higher the number more valuable is the website.

Ideally, Google has not officially declared any such parameter but company call MOZ has planned to check the quality of every web page or website based on various parameters.

So higher the authority will have more chances to up rank in search engine.

Google also check the authenticity and quality of every web page close to the similar parameter and outrank them in the search results.


Backlinks help Google more to understand the quality of your page.Backlink, where multiple websites referring your web pages for some good quality content.

This sends Google a very strong signal, that you are probably the best choice for the search query.

After all, Google is all about sharing good quality and best search results for users, so if high authority sites pointing to your site for some reason than your page will be really trustworthy.

I hope you understood, how Google works and what factors matters all for Google to outrank your page.

Now both DA -PA and Backlink are part of SEO, so let’s learn the types and techniques of Seo.

What are the types of Seo

Search engine optimization is classified into two types, both are the most prominent and only way to outrank your webpage.

In terms of Google search ranking, every page of your website will be considered as a separate point of evaluation.

So you should make sure to optimize your every page around best-suggested techniques to help Google that what you are providing is most useful.

To make your pages search engine friendly there are two ways to do so and both of these are known as Types of Seo.

On-Page Seo

On page SEO, is a technique which will be used with each webpage to optimize your content around target keyword and sends Google algorithm some positive signal about same search query.

By doing this On page Seo, you will make your webpage easy to read, easy to access and easy to outrank in Google and will have more potential to grab reader attention.

On page Seo is all in your hand.

Now the question is how to do On page Seo?

Before writing any content, you require a keyword to target.

So first, find a keyword which is less competitive, easy to rank.

Now Your webpage must be optimized around this keyword.

As part of On-page SEO, you require below steps to be done correctly.

  • Title of Page should contain the keyword

Title of page -Seo

  • Meta Description should contain the keyword and will help the reader to understand

Meta Description-Seo

  • Keyword Density -Make sure keyword must be added in your content body for multiple times.
  • Webpage URL structure -URL for webpage must contain the keyword

URL Structure-Seo

  • Include keyword in the First 100 word of the content body or first paragraph
  • Include keyword in H1 tag of content body.
  • Include keyword in one of the header tag of h2,h3,h4 etc.
  • Make sure every image must have Alt text.
  • Interlink of Web pages.
  • Creation of site map for website
  • 301 Redirect of web pages.
  • Optimize theme in such a way that website speed get increased.

Above given are the best few On-page Seo techniques to be done prior to publishing any post.

These techniques are basic one which every content writer must use to send a signal to Google that you are writing this content for this specific keyword which you have used in many places as suggested above.

Off-Page Seo

Now you have published your content and you have done almost 50% job.

To rank a page in the top 10 of the search engine is not an easy job and the prime factor is to improve social signal, create backlink and submission to various directories.

Off-page SEO is all about reaching multiple people and collect their responses which sends Google a positive signal that people like your pages and Google will up rank them.

Here are few suggestions to do Off-Page Seo.

  • Create backlinks on various pages, it is the prime factor.
  • Do submit to search console of the search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Submit to a different directory.
  • Submit to Social bookmarking pages.
  • Share to different social media platform.
  • Submission link to forums.
  • Do guest post and link them to your own website page.
  • Blog commenting to route traffic.
  • Participate in Q&A session like Quora.

These are the few best way, which helps your site to improve domain authority and page authority and these are ways to improve organic and referral traffic.

If people start sharing your content on social media will boom your web traffic and if Google identify your social shares or multiple signals will improve domain authority.

I hope you got an idea about types of Seo.

These are main techniques which every SEO expert use to get more traffic.

To do On-Page or Off-Page Seo is a part of certain techniques, which every content writer use to create in legit and non-legit ways.

The technique which content writer use will impact your search engine ranking.

All these SEO is classified into three techniques.

Seo Techniques

As we learned, to rank any page in Google you require Search engine optimization.

As a part of Seo, you have to implement various techniques and these techniques are classified into three types.

White Hat Seo

White Hat Seo is a technique which helps your website to grow slowly. It is the most legitimate and recommended way to do Seo.

This will help your website to grow slowly and the result will be visible for a long time and search ranking will remain the same for the longer run.

All On-Page and Off-Page Seo should be under the guidelines of Google standard and try to avoid spammy link building process.

You should optimize your pages based on the rules specified by Google and must follow the guideline defined by Google algorithm to check SERP factors.

  • Create a target keyword according to On page SEO.
  • Build Backlink to a high authoritative website.
  • Using other rules defined under Google guidelines.
  • Avoid Keyword stuffing in Content.
  • Try to participate in Guest Post with

Make sure to take the above points while doing Seo this all comes under White Hat Seo.

Black Hat Seo

If you try to do Seo by finding loopholes of search engine guidelines or against guidelines than this consider Blackhat SEO.

By doing this in some cases your website will rank for short period of time but with new updates of search engine which is usually a number of times in a year will drop your ranking or in some cases you will be out from SERP results.

These all are  non-recommended way to do Seo.

Do you know what comes under White Hat  Seo?

Let me tell your some of them.

  • Create Backlinks on Spammy website.
  • Keyword stuffing in a written post.
  • Pay for website traffic.
  • Use Paid Links to point to your website
  • Use Duplicate content, copied from another website
  • Use Other content by spinning them.
  • Invisible Text and hidden Hypertext.

All above techniques come under white hat Seo. But sometimes it is required to get quick website traffic for early promotion especially in case of Business.

So here the solution is another technique which we call Gray Hat Seo.

Gray Hat Seo

This is middle way solution in between White hat and Black hat Seo, which push White hat Seo to little bit more extent but not too much to get it banned.

If you have a business website, which needs immediate promotion for a newly launched product will require some intensive strategy to rank in SERP.

So here are best Ways to do so.

  • Increase keyword density on website
  • Build multiple backlinks on a different website and index them quickly.
  • Click Bat to attract readers for specific content to read.

This is call Gray hat Seo techniques and usually it is recommended to use only White Hat Seo.

All this techniques are part of types of Seo and every On page and Off page Seo is done by caring this techniques ,so will get advantage to rank organically.

The bottom line of the story

Search engine optimization is the key part to rank your SERP results but it is hardest to do it.

On-page Seo is easy to learn and implement but the most difficult part is Off-Page Seo.

We have learned the techniques of doing Seo and most recommended way is to do White Hat Seo.

Never go for any such Spammy website to create backlinks else this will be worst than not doing anything.

Few people on outsource platform like Fiverr do sell for such Backlinks but it is advisable to not go for any of this.

Here in this guide, we learned about types of Seo and techniques used to implement that seo but the key part in all is about finding the right keyword, Do you know how to do keyword research?

Here is a guide on Keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, this will help you with 10 hacks on how to use Free tool to find less competitive keyword to rank in SERP.

This is the end of ultimate guide on types of Seo and you have learned what does Seo stand for.

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Share me your view on what do you think about types of Seo and how your page got ranked.

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